Home Service

Home Service

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This service has now resumed on a monthly basis.

Please email any questions to comments@tbpl.ca

This service is for people who are homebound and/or visually impaired. The library provides a selection of materials tailored to your reading tastes, delivered by a volunteer or family member.

Materials are delivered on a monthly basis by a volunteer or may be picked up more frequently by a family member or friend. You may select from regular or large print books, as well as magazines, graphic novels, and paperbacks.

Audio materials are available in cd-book and mp3 formats. We have a large number of musical CDs featuring all types of music which are also included in-home service loans. 

TBPL has recently purchased four Victor Readers to help CELA members or those with reading difficulties begin the transition to assisted reading. The units may be borrowed from either the Waverley or Brodie libraries for a three-month trial loan. Home Service staff will be happy to demonstrate the basic use and options available with the Readers.

For more information or to register for Home Service Delivery please contact:
Andrew (ahare@tbpl.ca) at Waverley at 684-6821  or
Malcy (mbeardy@tbpl.ca) at Mary J.L. Black at 345-8275 (ext. 7259)