Strategic Plan

2019 - 2023 Strategic Plan

The link to the 2021 Action Plan is located below along with a message from the CEO/Chief Librarian.





A Message from the CEO / Chief Librarian - January 2019

I am pleased and proud to announce the Thunder Bay Public Library (TBPL) Strategic Plan for 2019 - 2023. I am pleased because it sets a very clear and exciting direction for TBPL over the next five years; and I am proud because we listened to the voice of the people and you have given us a very clear mandate.

The community intelligence for this plan was gathered by holding community conversations across the city with a wide range of individuals and organizations. Every sector and demographic was engaged in this process, including arts / heritage, business, criminal justice, community, faith, Indigenous, health / awareness, seniors, social service, women and youth. The aim of these conversations was to identify community aspirations and concerns so that TBPL can be both community led and needs based.

Community intelligence was also gathered via an online community survey that asked two key questions: What would make your life better in Thunder Bay? and If there was a community space in Thunder Bay filled with things to meet the goal of making your life better, what would those things be?

The Community Action Panel, Youth Advisory Council, Indigenous Advisory Council, TBPL Staff and Community Consultations were used to validate and prioritize the primary themes which emerged from the community conversations and survey. Five key strategic directions emerged from this process:

• Foster a Safe, Clean and Healthy Community

• Challenge Institutional and Systemic Racism

• Cultivate Diversity and Inclusion

• Mitigate the Impact of Homelessness and Poverty

• Encourage Youth Participation

For full details on our 2019 - 2023 Strategic Plan, please access it here.  It's also accessible by clicking on the cover image at the top of this page.

We look forward to working with you over the next five years to develop a community led and needs based library service which can identify, prioritize and meet community needs. We want to actively engage and involve you in the planning, design, delivery, and evaluation of library services. TBPL has an exciting and bright future. We want you to be a part of it. So join us today!

John Pateman, CEO/Chief Librarian


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