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Visit My Library Card to sign up for a Library card and learn more about TBPL membership. For more assistance, call 345-8275

Start Searching

Just enter the title, author, or topic you are looking for and click the Search arrow or hit Enter on your keyboard

  • Enter author names in any order (Last, First or First Last)
  • Capitals, spaces, and punctuation are ignored
  • Can only remember part of a title? Enter what you know and Encore will show you the possibilities
  • Encore will search every possible field for the words you enter in the search box: author, title, subject heading, summary, and more!

Search Results

Search Results are sorted based on Relevance. To see the most recent results first, click on Date. This will show you the most recently published materials related to your search. For an alphabetical listing, click on Title

You can use the Filters (or facets) on the left-hand side menu to help you easily narrow your search results. They are clickable headings that will limit the results based on your preferences. For example, you may want to see only those items currently available in the library. You can also filter by:

  • Format (DVD, print, etc)
  • Language
  • Publication Date
  • Collection (Brodie, County Park, Books Only, Children's Collection, etc)
  • Location (Brodie Adult, Brodie Children's, Brodie Young Adult, etc)

To apply a filter

  1. In the left sidebar, click the box next to a category to view the available options
  2. Click the checkbox or heading you want to use as a filter. (If the heading has more than 10 items, click the Show more link to see more items in a popup window)
  3. You can filter the titles further by selecting additional headings
  4. After selecting a filter, the results page will reload with new information. The Filter will appear at the top of the Filter Listing under the heading Current Refinements

Removing filters

You can remove filters you no longer need to change your search results. To remove your filters, just click in the checkbox and wait for the page to reload. You can also remove filters by clicking on the X beside the filter under Current Refinements. To remove all filters at once, choose the Clear All option.

You can place holds directly from your list of search results by clicking on the Request It button. After logging in with your barcode and PIN, you will be asked to select which Community Hub you want to pick up the item from. Once your hold as been placed, a confirmation notice will appear next to the title.

Logging in to your Library Card

Visit and click on Login to access your Library account. You can also log in by choosing the My Card icon on the upper righthand corner of any Library page. Just like with the Classic Catalogue, you will log in using your Library barcode and PIN. You can choose to save your barcode on this form by clicking the "Remember this login information" box. After logging in, your name will appear at the top of the Search page.

To view your account, click on My Account (found in the top right corner where you clicked to Login)

Your account will list any items you have currently checked out, along with their due dates and renewal status. To view your Holds, pay Fines/Fees, view your Reading History or Preferred Searches, and to view your Lists, simply click on the appropriate heading.

Renewing Materials

To renew, check the Renew box beside the item title, or click on Renew All to renew all items currently checked out. After making your selection, click on Renew Marked and you be asked to confirm your choice. After the renewal has been completed, a new due date will appear beside the item along with its RENEWED status.

Viewing Your Holds

Click on the Hold heading for a complete list of your holds with full details, including their status and when the hold was placed. To cancel a hold, just click on the box beside the title and check Confirm. To cancel all holds, just click on the Cancel All button.

Wondering about Fines?

As of January 2020, there are no late fines collected for overdue materials.

Lost An Item?

It happens; we understand! If an item that you've borrowed from TBPL is lost please come in to let us know. There are several options available and we want to work with you to ensure a solution is reached and that you feel comfortable to continue using the library. Common options include paying the cost of the lost item, providing a replacement copy of the item, or chatting with a Community Hub Librarian about other options.

The original catalogue is also still available and can be accessed at