Photocopiers and Scanning

Fax/Printing/Photocopying/Scanning at TBPL

Q: How much do these services cost?  

A: These services are currently being offer by voluntary donation.

Q: Are there any restrictions to these services?

A: Yes - documents will be printed using only black ink and limited to ten (10) pages at a time. Some restrictions, including copyright, may apply. 

Q: How can I send a fax? 

A: Visit any of the branches during opening hours with your document and the fax number. Staff will fill out a cover sheet and will send your fax to the number provided. You  can also email your document with all the relevant information (recipient’s fax number, your phone number, and your name) to the branch you wish to fax from.  TBPL is not responsible for faxes not received at the correct destination. TBPL cannot receive faxes on your behalf. 

Q: How can I print or copy a document?

A: You can email your document to any of the following email addresses, and pick up your printed document when you receive notification that it is ready. for Brodie for County Park for Mary J L Black for Waverley  

Alternatively, you can visit any of the four locations during opening hours with the document you wish to copy, or present a USB stick to staff and tell the staff member the name of the file, and they will print it off for you. 

Q: I need to scan a document so I have a digital copy; how can I do that? 

A: Visit any of the branches during opening hours with your document and staff can scan it to your email address or to your USB stick.