Want to start reading, but not sure which book to pick up? Reader's Advisory is all about matching readers with books they'll enjoy! TBPL has lots of great resources to help you find the best book for you! Ask any staff member when you come into the library for help picking out a book, or follow some of the links and suggestions below.

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For a personally curated list of reading suggestions for adult and youth, check out our Book Butler service.

To watch or listen to TBPL staff make recommendations on a new topic every week, try the Read This Next podcast or YouTube show.

Find books recommended for especially for teens on YOUth Reads

For a list of the newest books, DVDs, and other materials, visit our New Books page

Find book lists on a variety of topics on the TBPL Off the Shelf blog

Looking for kid recommendations, including our new children's Book Butler service? Try our Kids Read page


Follow along with our CHECK THESE OUT social media posts to find more great recommendations!

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Head to our TBPL Off the Shelf blog to find reviews of great books, written by both staff and patrons!

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Or try the book recommendation databases NoveList and NoveList K-8.

Log in to these resources with your Library barcode and PIN, then click on the name of the database to access. 



Here are some other great sites that you can use to help you find a great book:

  1. GoodReads
  2. Epic Reads
  3. What Should I Read Next?
  4. Fantastic Fiction 
  5. Five Books (lists book recommendations from authors, ex. Comfort Reads recommended by Neil Gaiman)
  6. Which Book
  7. We Need Diverse Books (link specifically shows links for where to find diverse books)
  8. Does the Dog Die? (great for finding potential plot lines that you may want to avoid)
  9. LGBTQ Reads
  10. Queer Books for Teens
  11. Indigenous Literature
  12. Queer Comics Database


Looking for recommendations for children's books? Head to our Kids Read page, or try some of these links:

  1. A Mighty Girl (geared to children’s books with a strong female focus)
  2. Five Books for kids
  3. Reading Rockets