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Access to full text of newspaper articles or collections is limited at this time but please feel free to email reference@tbpl.ca and we will do our best to assist you.
For current updates and information, please visit the Library Website or check Facebook.  

Curious about the history of Thunder Bay, local businesses, schools, or even your house? The local history & genealogy collections at the Thunder Bay Public Library have been in development since the early 1900s. They include everything from newspapers on microfilm (dating back to 1875) to social indexes, city directories, maps, rare books and photographs. Handling Procedures and Terms of Use for these materials are available for review upon visiting the library. 


Out of Town Requests (Local History & Genealogy)

Out of town researchers may submit requests for information via our e-mail reference form. Staff can provide facts, figures and short answers on local topics; and we will make every effort to reply to your request within one week of receiving it.  We can accommodate up to 3 requests of no more than 6 items each (e.g 6 obituary scans).  After assisting with 3 consecutive requests (up to 18 items) at no charge, you will be referred to a list of local professional researchers. Complex requests may be assessed at the discretion of staff.  When possible, a pdf scan of the information will be emailed to you. 


Contact the Reference Department at reference@tbpl.ca

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