TBPL Spice Club



TBPL's Spice Club is a fantastic program that runs once a month that you can take part in anytime! Simply visit your preferred library branch starting the second Wednesday of every month to pick up your TBPL's Spice Club kit! Each kit will include a jar containing the spice of the month and a brochure that features recipes to use your spice with, book recommendations to find even more great recipes, and some facts about the featured spice! 


Past Spice Club Brochures:




January 2023 - Ground Cardamom January 2022 - Cumin September 2021 - Turmeric
February 2023 - Five Spice February 2022 - Garam Masala October 2021 - Allspice
March 2023 - Cayenne Pepper March 2022 - Dried Oregano November 2021 - Star Anise
April 2023 - Dried Tarragon April 2022 - Dried Rosemary December 2021 - Ground Cloves
May 2023 - Marjoram May 2022 - Hungarian Paprika
June 2023 - Ground Coriander June 2022 - Ground Fennel
July 2023 - Za'atar July 2022 - Sumac
August 2023 - Lemon Pepper August 2022 - Montreal Steak Spice
September 2022 - Ceylon Cinnamon
October 2022 - Pumpkin Pie Spice
November 2022 - Ground Ginger
December 2022 - Ground Mace


Read the CBC's Northern Nosh article about the TBPL Spice Club!

Photos from our Spice Club Community

Thank you to everyone who has submitted photos and recipes! Have you been cooking up a storm with TBPL's Spice Club? Send us a picture of your creations, or the recipes themselves, to share with our spice community! Email us your spice stories at cpark@tbpl.ca and let us know if you'd like us to feature your cooking here!


Butternut Squash soup with Star Anise from November 2021 recipe


Ginger Molasses cookies from December 2021 recipe


Another great way to use your allspice! (November 2021)


Cauliflower and Red Lentil Curry from February 2022 recipe


Pumpkin muffins made with allspice (November 2021)


Brown Rice Stuffed Peppers from March 2022 recipe


Lemon Rosemary Butter cookies from April 2022 recipe


Delicious rice using one of our Bonus Spices from Summer 2022