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Magazines available March 18

Welcome to unlimited reading of digital magazines and newspapers! 

With NewsStand from cloudLibrary, you can check out as many items as you wish and keep them until you choose to delete them from your device. Current and backlist issues are available.


How do I read eMagazines and eNewspapers using NewsStand from cloudLibrary?

Mobile deviceLogon Process for iOS and Android apps on your mobile device

ComputerLogon Process in a web browser

Frequently Asked Questions

How many magazines can I sign out at once?

As many as you like! There are over 7000 titles currently available.

Are my magazines automatically downloaded to my device?

No, in order to read a title, you just have to browse and then click Read to download and begin reading a title.

How long can I keep the magazine?

As long as you like. There is no lending period on NewsStand titles.

Can I be notified when new magazine issues are available?

This is not currently a feature, but you can designate a magazine title as a “favorite” and then navigate to the Favorites tab, which will display the most recent issue of that magazine.

How many different magazines are available through NewsStand?

The number does fluctuate, but there are currently 7088 titles in the collection.

What languages are magazines available in?

There are magazines in 51 languages currently.

Are there magazines for kids or teens?

Absolutely. There are separate categories for Children and Young Adult titles, and each of those categories has ample selections.


Where can I get help with eMagazines?

Email coaches@tbpl.ca for more detailed assistance using the app, or email comments@tbpl.ca for help signing up for a Library card or resetting your PIN. 


Questions about using NewsStand or accessing eMagazines from TBPL?

Email coaches@tbpl.ca or call 345-8275


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