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To register for programs, call any Library, ask in-person, or go online
(http://tbpl.evanced.info/signup/Calendar ; find the date of the program, click the title, then the icon shaped like a head and fill out the form.)




We've expanded our youth space to Discord 24/7! Check our schedule above for events. Users must be ages 13-18 according to Discord terms of agreement. Fill out the form to get an invite!

Join us at Mary J L Black for Youth Move @ Your Library.

50 Books to Read Before Graduating Challenge

Join us on the Beanstack website or download the app to log your reading and earn badges. Earn badges for each book you’ve read on the list and you’ll be entered in the grand prize draw! Prizes will be drawn the year you graduate in June.

DIY Book Pumpkins



Get ready for the fall season by making your very own pumpkin décor! Sign up with friends to make one together and put your own creative spin on it! All you need is orange paint, scissors and a hot glue gun! Ages 13+ Registration opens September 20 at 10 am

Join us on the YOUth Discord to play Minecraft Realms (bedrock) Mondays 6-8 for survival mode and Wednesday/Thursday 4-5 for creative mode.

A book talk video where Nicole and Laura discuss and recommend books from different genres and styles as well as their favourites. Catch up with them on your favourite podcast app or on YouTube.


Library Trick-or-Treating! Completely Booked
DIY Scrunchies

It’s a spooktacular Halloween at the Library! Come dressed up in your favourite costume and receive a spooky treat! All ages are welcome!

October 28-29 Brodie and Waverley

October 29-30 County Park and Mary J L Black

Get signed up for the limited fall edition Book Bag Subscription! Each month from Oct-Jan you'll receive 2 hand-picked library books, candy, and some goodies. Supplies are limited so sign up fast! Ages 12-19. Registration opens September 1 @ 10 AM on the online calendar.

Do you love hair or know someone who does? Create a one of a kind scrunchie perfect for any winter look. Ages 11+


Register November 1at 10am on the online calendar or by calling 345-8275.


Have questions? Don't see a program you like? Fill out this 5 question survey, email youth@tbpl.ca with your ideas, or sign up for our YOUth Advisory Council



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Youth Review



Youth Knitters

Help your fellow readers by writing reviews of the books, movies, or albums you love (or hate) for community service hours. What you read and write about is up to you and or each 250-300 word review you write, you'll get an hour of volunteer time, and successful reviews are posted to our blog. Volunteers must be ages 13-18.

Apply for the Sept-Dec session here

 Have your voice heard and help the library buy books and influence library programs for teens with the YOUth Action Council

Knit or crochet hats or scarves for those experiencing homelessness and get volunteer hours. Volunteers must be ages 13-18.

 Apply for the Sept-Dec session here


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Not sure what to read next? We can help! Check out YOUth Read for booklists, online resources, our newest YA releases and more!


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The library has many resources for research, primary/secondary sources, and assignments. If you need help you can always Just Ask Us!

Secondary Sources (and Citations!) and Finding Reliable Resources

  • Get help finding reliable secondary sources, figuring out what they are, and learning how to cite them.

Online Research

  • Use our online databases to find reliable, peer-reviewed information.
  • All databases can be accessed in the library, or on personal devices with a library card and PIN.

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