Computers in the Library

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What's Available ?

  • Internet access
  • WiFi
  • Sessions are either 1 hour or 15 minutes (express stations)
  • Headphones and usb sticks are availalbe for purchase
  • Option to use a filtered or unfiltered station
  • Wordprocessing software (Microsoft Office Word 2007 or OpenOffice Writer)
  • Printing (15 cents per page, black and white only)
  • Click here for computer training options at the Library

Please refer to our Public Internet Access and Use Policy


Computer Booking FAQ

The Basics:

  • You will need a library card and PIN number
  • Free "E-Service" cards are issued to users who only want to use the computers
  • Only the one hour stations are reservable
  • You can reserve 1 session per person per day for 60 minutes (NOTE: there is no guarantee of 60 minutes per day). Only 1 hour computer stations can be reserved
  • You can reserve up to 7 days in advance
  • Your computer will log out when your session has reached its limit
  • Remember to log out of your session when done  

The Details:

Do I have to reserve in advance to use a computer?

As long as there is time available, you can log on to any computer that is not in use or has not been reserved for another user. You will still need your library card number and PIN to log in.

What if I am a visitor to your library?

Visitors and tourists can request a temporary use number that enables them to access a computer.

What happens when my time is up?

You will automatically be logged out. You will receive two warning/prompting messages 5 and 3 minutes before your session ends.

What if I am late for my booking?

You must log in within the first 10 minutes of your start time or the reservation will be cancelled. The cancelled time will be deducted from your daily reservable time.

If I have to leave the computer for a few minutes will I lose my session?

Not if you put the computer into Standby Mode. This will hold your session for 10 minutes. This time is deducted from your session time.


iPad Children's Stations

  • Available at every Library location in the Children's area
  • Loaded with a variety of fun and interative educational apps and games