Youth Advisory Council

Youth Advisory CouncilOur mission:

  • To encourage teens to use the library and raise awareness of the library and its resources among teens
  • To provide a youth perspective on library services


Why join?

  • YAC membership is a great addition to resumes, college and university applications
  • Complete required volunteer hours for graduation while gaining valuable leadership and volunteer experience and a professional reference from the Youth Services Librarian
  • Contribute to the community and meet like-minded youth

What will you do?

  • Provide input on planning of youth programs and purchasing of youth library materials
  • Visit Chapters to pick out books to add to the library collection
  • Support library staff in making the library collections, events, and space welcoming and inclusive to teen patrons
  • Provide guidance and content for TBPL social media accounts


Join us:

Wed Dec 19 @ 6:30-8pm, offsite: YAC takes Chapters! Meet at Chapters to raid the YA and other shelves for the books that TBPL needs. 



Click here to complete the registration form online, or here to print a paper copy.

For more information, email Laura at tbpl%23ca|lprinselaar


What do past YAC members say about their experience? 

I made a lot of new friends. It's cool to talk to other nerds.

It's fun and a great way to be involved in the community.

I really enjoy taking part in the meetings.

[My favourite part was] the honest conversations.

I really enjoyed talking about big issues, like Freedom to Read Week and sexism in YA literature.

I liked that we didn't just talk about books, but other issues in our community/world.