Title Name Phone Email (
 Chief Librarian / CEO  John Pateman  684-6803  jpateman
 Director of Collections  Angela Meady  684-6810  ameady
 Director of Communities  Tina Maronese  684-6813  tmaronese
 Director of Resources  Cherri Braye  684-6804  cbraye
 Director of Systems  Stephen Hurrell  684-6807  shurrell
 Community Hub Manager -- Facilities  Matthew Morrison  684-6820  mmorrison
 Community Hub Librarian -- Collections  Joanna Aegard  684-6819  jaegard
 Community Hub Librarian -- Learning  Jesse Roberts  624-4203  jroberts
 Community Hub Librarian -- Relationships  Ryan Gracey  624-4204  rgracey
 Community Hub Librarian -- Systems  Sylvia Renaud  684-6808  srenaud
 Community Hub Librarian -- Services  Ruth Hamlin-Douglas  624-4206  rhamlin-douglas
 Community Hub Librarian -- Indigenous Relationships  Samantha Martin-Bird  684-6811  smartin-bird
 Community Hub Librarian -- Workforce   Jocelyn Knoester  684-6812  jknoester
 Community Hub Librarian -- Part Time  Amy Ongaro  684-6812 (shared)  aongaro




To renew books or place holds over the phone, please call 684-6814 (Waverley) or 624-4209 (Brodie) during library hours of operation.