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Current public tenders and request for proposals can be accessed from this page.

Digital Conversion Services RFQ

All inquiries, both technical and process related are to be directed by email by 12:00 pm local time, Wednesday August 23, 2017 to:

Cherri Braye
Director of Resources
Phone (807) 684-6804 Fax (807) 344-5119
e-mail tbpl%23ca|cbraye

The required information will be obtained and a response will be prepared and sent to the originator of the question and posted on the Library Web site as follows: www.tbpl.ca/tbplandcommunity/abouttbpl/tendersquotationsandrfps

Where appropriate, an addendum will be issued. If addenda are issued, their receipt must be acknowledged by the bidder in the appropriate section of the quotation document. The Library will assume no responsibility for oral instructions or suggestions.

This quotation will be received in DUPLICATE and on the forms provided, sealed in an envelope and delivered to the Thunder Bay Public Library, Administration – Waverley Resource Library, Attention: Cherri Braye, 285 Red River Road, Thunder Bay, Ontario, P7B 1A9, until 4:00 pm, local time, Friday, September 1, 2017

If there are no documents listed, this means there are no outstanding tenders or requests for proposals.

Thank you for your interest in the Thunder Bay Public Library.