Indigenous Knowledge Centres


We would like to acknowledge that the City of Thunder Bay has been built on the traditional territory of Fort William First Nation, signatory to the Robinson Superior Treaty of 1850. We would also like to recognize the contributions made to our community by the Métis people. Thunder Bay Public Library

Starting in November 2017 at the Waverley Resource Library, and then moving to Brodie, Mary Black and County Park Libraries,  Library Staff, along with the Indigenous Liaison and the Indigenous Advisory Group (IAG), will develop an Indigenous Knowledge Centre at each location.

The centres will gather together all relevant Indigenous materials at each location and consolidate them in one space.

The spaces will include key display elements requested by the IAG, seating, signage and other potential artistic elements to designate it as a distinct area.  Each Indigenous Knowledge Centre is a visual representation of our commitment to providing records and information which reflects Indigenous history, achievements and authors.

Learners of all ages will find information on key subject areas and themes identified by our Indigenous community as being relevant for retaining and sharing.  It will be much easier for staff and the public to find these materials in one space, rather than having to navigate the subject classifications in our catalogue or to browse through the many different sections where the material would otherwise be located.

This project was one of the recommendations in the Library's Reconciliation and Relationship Building Report.  It furthers our strategic directions of providing a library which promotes social inclusion and fosters lifelong learning and community well being. It speaks directly to our core mission of encouraging a deeper and stronger connection to our community and honouring our roots.