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To register for programs, call any Community Hub, ask in-person, or go online
(http://tbpl.evanced.info/signup/Calendar ; find the date of the program, click the title, then the icon shaped like a head and fill out the form.)


Have questions? Don't see a program you like? Fill out this 5 question survey, email teens@tbpl.ca with your ideas

or sign up for our Youth Advisory Council 


Board Game Night

Sept 11, October 9, November 6 and December 11 @ 6:30 pm - Brodie Fireside Reading Room

Have some fun with your friends and play cribbage, chess, Apples to Apples, Jenga, Scrabble, playing cards, Anomia, Clue and more. Teens and tweens only please!
Full list of games: cribbage, chess, Apples to Apples, Jenga, Scrabble, playing cards, Anomia, Clue, Trivial Pursuit, Ghost Blitz, Cluster Fight, Pictionary, Uno, and any games you'd like to bring and share! (Games subject to availability)



Youth Move 

Join us at Mary J L Black for Youth Move @ Your Library.

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Readers Are Leaders

Earn volunteer hours FAST and help build the confidence of a young reader with Readers are Leaders.


Youth Advisory Council

Have your voice heard and help the library buy books and influence library programs for teens with the Youth Advisory Council


Teens Review ***NEW***

VOLUNTEERS NEEDED! Help your fellow readers by writing reviews of the books, movies, or albums you love (or hate) for community service hours. What you read and write about is up to you and or each 300 word review you write, you'll get an hour of volunteer time, and successful reviews are posted to our blog. If you would like more details or you're interested in joining email Nicole at teens@tbpl.ca to sign on as a reviewer. 

Makers and Shapers ***NEW***

Earn volunteer hours, promote library programs and pitch in on event nights. Contact Nicole at teens@tbpl.ca for more details.

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New Books

gentlemansguidetogettinglucky onlyashesremain kingdomofsouls letmeheararhyme
The gentleman's guide to getting lucky / Mackenzie Lee
In this funny and frothy novella that picks up where the New York Times bestselling The Gentleman's Guide to Vice and Virtue leaves off, freshly minted couple Monty and Percy fumble through their first time together. Monty's epic grand tour may be over, but now that he and Percy are finally a couple, he realizes there is something more nerve-wracking than being chased across Europe: getting together with the person you love. Will the romantic allure of Santorini make his first time with Percy magical, or will all the anticipation and build-up completely spoil the mood.
Only ashes remain / Rebecca Schaeffer
Market of Monsters Book 2. With her self-healing ability widely known, Nita's only chance for survival is to become too feared to be targeted again, starting with killing her betrayer, Fabricio. .
Kingdom of souls / Rena Barron
Born into a family of powerful witchdoctors, Arrah yearns for magic of her own. But each year she fails to call forth her ancestral powers, while her ambitious mother watches with growing disapproval. There's only one thing Arrah hasn't tried, a deadly last resort: trading years of her own life for scraps of magic. Until the Kingdom's children begin to disappear, and Arrah is desperate to find the culprit. She uncovers something worse. The long-imprisoned Demon King is stirring. And if he rises, his hunger for souls will bring the world to its knees... unless Arrah pays the price for the magic to stop him.


Let me hear a rhyme / Tiffany D. Jackson with lyrics by Malik "Malik-16" Sharif
Biggie Smalls was right: Things done changed. But that doesn't mean that Quadir and Jarrell are cool letting their best friend Steph's music lie forgotten under his bed after he's murdered -- not when his rhymes could turn any Bed Stuy corner into a party. With the help of Steph's younger sister Jasmine, they come up with a plan to promote Steph's music under a new rap name: the Architect. Soon, everyone wants a piece of him. When his demo catches the attention of a hotheaded music label rep, the trio must prove Steph's talent from beyond the grave. As the pressure of keeping their secret grows, Quadir, Jarrell, and Jasmine are forced to confront the truth about what happened to Steph. Only, each has something to hide. And with everything riding on Steph's fame, they need to decide what they stand for or lose all that they've worked so hard to hold on to.
cryinglaughing kingdomforastage dayzero feral
Crying laughing / Lance Rubin
The author of Denton Little's Deathdate gives us a tragicomic story of bad dates, bad news, bad performances, and one girl's determination to find the funny in high school. Winnie Friedman has been waiting for the world to catch on to what she already knows: she's hilarious. It might be a long wait, though. After bombing a stand-up set at her own bat mitzvah, Winnie has kept her jokes to herself. Well, to herself and her dad, a former comedian and her inspiration. Then, on the second day of tenth grade, the funniest guy in school actually laughs at a comment she makes in the lunch line and asks her to join the improv troupe. Maybe he's even . . . flirting? Just when Winnie's ready to say yes to comedy again, her father reveals that he's been diagnosed with ALS. That is . . . not funny.
A kingdom for a stage / Heidi Heilig
For a Muse of Fire Book 2. Jetta is a wanted criminal. The army wants her for treason against the crown, for the sabotage of Hell's Court temple, and for the murder of General Legarde. They also want her for the power in her blood -- the magic that captures wandering spirits to give life to puppets, to rocks, to paper, to weapons. They're willing to trade the elixir that treats Jetta's madness for the use of her blood. The rebels want her, too, to help them reclaim their country. Jetta may be the one who can tip the scales in this war. But Jetta fears using her power will make her too much like Le Trepas, the terrifying and tyrannical necromancer who once held all Chakrana under his thumb -- and who is Jetta's biological father. She's already raised her brother from the dead, after all. And scared off Leo, the only person who saw her as she truly is. With Le Trepas at large and a clash between the army and the rebels becoming inevitable, Jetta will have to decide if saving her country is worth sacrificing her soul.
Day zero / Kelly Devos
Seventeen-year-old coder Jinx Marshall grew up spending weekends drilling with her paranoid dad for a doomsday she’s sure will never come. She’s an expert on self-heating meal rations, Krav Maga and extracting water from a barrel cactus. Now that her parents are divorced, she’s ready to relax. Her big plans include making it to level 99 in her favorite MMORPG and spending the weekend with her new hunky stepbrother, Toby. But all that disaster training comes in handy when an explosion traps her in a burning building. Stuck leading her headstrong stepsister, MacKenna, and her precocious little brother, Charles, to safety, Jinx gets them out alive only to discover the explosion is part of a pattern of violence erupting all over the country. Even worse, Jinx’s dad stands accused of triggering the chaos. In a desperate attempt to evade paramilitary forces and vigilantes, Jinx and her siblings find Toby and make a break for Mexico. With seemingly the whole world working against them, they’ve got to get along and search for the truth about the attacks—and about each other. But if they can survive, will there be anything left worth surviving for?
Feral : a novel / Nicole Luiken
Seventeen-year-old Chloe, who fears she cannot transform into a wolf like the rest of her werewolf family, encounters a feral werewolf who cannot change back into a human, and vows to help him regain his human self.
thegirltheseagaveback thegoodluckgirls homegirl colorblind
The girl the sea gave back / Adrienne Young
Tova lives amongst the Svell, the people who found her washed ashore as a child and use her for her gift as a Truthtongue, but when two neighboring clans bury their age-old blood feud and join together as one, her world is dangerously close to collapse.
The Good Luck Girls / Charlotte Nicole Davis
The country of Arketta calls them Good Luck Girls--they know their luck is anything but. Sold to a "welcome house" as children and branded with cursed markings. Trapped in a life they would never have chosen. When Clementine accidentally kills a man, the girls risk a dangerous escape and harrowing journey to find freedom, justice, and revenge in a country that wants them to have none of those things. Pursued by Arketta's most vicious and powerful forces, both human and inhuman, their only hope lies in a bedtime story passed from one Good Luck Girl to another, a story that only the youngest or most desperate would ever believe.
Home girl / by Alex Wheatle
Fourteen-year-old Naomi's life takes a dramatic turn when she is placed with a black foster care family.


Colorblind [graphic novel] : a story of racism / written by Johnathan Harris ; art by Donald Hudson and Garry Leach ; colors by Fahriza Kamaputra ; lettering by Tyler Smith for Comicraft
An African American teenager shares his experiences of racism and how, with help from his family, he was able to break free of its restraints.

Book Butler

Not sure what to read next? Tired of picking out books yourself? Looking to read something new? TBPL's Book Butler can help you find new books just by filling out a brief survey. Our staff will take your answers and find books in our collection that you might like to read. 


Book Lists and Resources

Coming soon! Looking for reviews written by people your age? Click here. Want to write your own for volunteer hours? Click here.

Click here to access book lists of completed series, LGBTQ+ books, as well as online resources to help you find more Young Adult books! Also linked is Novelist a database that recommends books based on what you liked about it (genre, author, topic, etc.)

Looking for Read-A-Likes for Juveline Fiction? Check out this page for ideas!


Inter-Library Loan

Are you looking for a book and can't find it in our collection? We can still get it for you! Click here to request books from outside of Thunder Bay.


Suggestion To Purchase

Do you feel like our collection is missing something? Do you have suggestions for what should be in our collection? Click here for our purchase suggestion form.

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