YOUth Review: Doctor Sleep by Stephen King

Doctor Sleep is a gripping novel. Danny Torrance, the young boy with psychic talents who is now an adult dealing with his past trauma, is the main character of the story. Danny struggles with alcoholism and looks for comfort in a small New Hampshire village while being haunted by what happened at the Overlook Hotel. Known as “Doctor Sleep” for his capacity to facilitate the dying process, Danny finds a bond with a young girl named Abra Stone who possesses similar remarkable psychic abilities. As their psychic relationship grows, the two are drawn into a paranormal battle against the True Knot, a sinister organization. This itinerant sect preys on the souls of those who possess the “shine”, endangering Abra’s extraordinary powers. The book deftly blends psychological complexity, suspense, and horror aspects while examining themes of addiction, atonement, and the long-lasting effects of childhood trauma. Doctor Sleep is a thrilling and deeply moving sequel to a beloved horror story, and it is a monument to Stephen King’s literary prowess with its intricate character development and well-thought-out plot.

Although there are times when the pacing feels a little off, the plot if performed quite nicely overall. Additionally, some scenes might be unsettling for more sensitive readers due to their graphic nature. All in all, Doctor Sleep showcases Stephen King’s writing abilities and is an excellent novel. In my opinion, it is highly recommended to read. I would give this book a rating of 9 out of 10.

Wriby Janos R.