YOUth Review: Beneath a Scarlet Sky by Mark Sullivan

Beneath A Scarlet Sky takes place in Milan, Italy during the Second World War. It is about a young Italian boy named Pino Lella. Pino is just the average teenager, he loves music, art and, like any boy his age, women. But because of Pino’s circumstances he is forced to go from a young boy to a man very quickly when his beloved city is attacked and bombed by the Allies. Pino moves up to the Italian Alps where, under the guidance of the local priest, he helps transport Jews to neutral ground in Switzerland. Nearing his 18th birthday and at risk of being drafted to go fight in Russia for the Italians, Pino's parents force him to enlist with the Nazis. They know a person who can get him a role as a mechanic which would protect him from almost certain death. Once in the uniform, the
unexpected happened. Pino became a driver for one of the most powerful Nazi’s in all of Italy: General Hans Leyers, the man who takes orders specifically from Adolf Hitler. But unknown to Leyers and the Nazis, Pino becomes a spy for the Allies where he can fight in secret against the tyranny that is the Nazi Regime.

The story of Pino Lella was an incredible story of a hero who is guided by his faith to always make the righteous choice and to stand up for what he believes in. The author, Mark Sullivan, did a great job capturing the emotions that the young Pino was going through throughout the story. Overall, this was an inspiring story of faith, love, and bravery that I would highly recommend to anyone else who is interested in a forgotten World War Two story.

Review by Eli M.