Technology Services

Using Computers at the Library

Coming to any of the TBPL library branches gives you free access to our public computers. Patrons will need a valid library card in order to log into our computers, or a piece of photo I.D. can be used in order to sign up for an e-service card.

Computer usage is for one hour. After your hour is up, you will be automatically logged off of the computer. You will receive two warning/prompting messages 5 and 3 minutes before your session ends. If you require more time, please let the staff know and if there is no one waiting, you can use the computer for an additional 30 minute session. Computers will automatically turn off 10 minutes before branches close for the day.

Patrons can book a public computer up to two weeks in advance through the online portal.

Along with the internet, our computers give patrons access to such programs as:

You can also bring in your laptop, tablet or phone and connect to our free wi-fi!

Please refer to our Public Internet Access and Use Policy, opens a new window


Patrons can print, scan or fax from any of our library locations. These services are available until 10 minutes before our libraries close for the day.

  • Black and White print/photocopy: $0.25 per page
  • Colour print/photocopy: $0.50 per page
  • Scanning: no charge
  • Faxing: $1.00 for long distance faxes
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