The goal of the SOAR project was to increase awareness and commemorate the history and legacy of St. Joseph’s Residential School while also honouring residential school survivors, their families, and communities. This was a multi-faceted project.

Outcomes of the SOAR Project

Research Report: Stories of Anishinaabe Resilience

Covers the establishment, locations, policies, everyday activities, and the closure and tear-down of St. Joseph's Residential School.

SOAR Secondary Level Education Curriculum

A new unit plan focusing on the local St. Joseph's Residential School has been developed as part of the SOAR Project.

Stories of Anishinaabe Resilience (SOAR) Art Installation

Several painted art pieces have been installed at the Brodie and Waverley Libraries to honour survivors of St. Joseph's Residential School.

Stories of Anishinaabe Resilience (SOAR) Podcast

Survivors of St. Joseph's Residential School open up about their personal experiences.
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