YOUth Review: Tweet Cute by Emma Lord

Tweet Cute is a YA romance by Emma Lord about Pepper and Jack, two seniors living in New York whose parents own a sandwich business. Pepper’s family owns Big League Burger, a famous fast food chain, and Jack’s family owns a small deli run by all the members. When Big League Burger allegedly steals Jack’s grandma’s grilled cheese recipe for their new launch, Jack posts a nasty tweet about it. Pepper runs the Big League Burger account and replies back. They go back and forth and soon have a viral Twitter war. 

In real life, Jack and Pepper are falling for each other on an anonymous chat app Jack created that practically the whole school uses. The two don’t know they are fighting online and chatting kindly on a different app. People on the internet start shipping them, the tweets get more intense, and Pepper and Jack are becoming friends outside of all this online chaos. What will happen when all three three “identities” collide? 

This is my favourite rom-com book I’ve ever read; the book is filled with exciting storylines and cute moments between the two main characters. Emma Lord did a great job in making a romance book that isn’t only about romance; the characters did get together just for the sake of it. Pepper and Jack were strong characters; you could tell who they were, and it was consistent throughout the story. I recommend this book if you like cute and fast-paced YA romances. I gave it five out of five stars.

Review by Sophia C.