YOUth Review: Little House on the Prairie (TV series)

Season 1 of Little House On The Prairie starts off with an extraordinary pilot movie introducing the Ingalls family. The series begins with the Ingalls family moving out of the Big Woods of Wisconsin to a little house in Kansas. In the first episode of the first season, after the pilot movie, the Ingalls family settles in Walnut Grove, where Charles Ingalls builds a house and a farm for his 3 daughters, Mary, Laura, and Carrie, his wife, Caroline, and his dog, Jack.

Season 1 introduces the main characters of the series, and teaches some valuable lessons about honesty, compassion, and faith. In addition, the first season of Little House on the Prairie displays the people of Walnut Grove looking out for each other in various ways, and it demonstrates the physical and financial difficulties of living in the 1800s. When Caroline Ingalls shops at the town Mercantile, owned by the Olsen family, we are introduced to Harriet, Nels, Willie, and Nellie Olsen. The fact that the Olsens are cruel and entitled (with the exception of Mr. Olsen) does not stop them from being favourite characters among the viewers. Many incidents regarding the Olsen family, particularly, Nellie, are the most comical and entertaining parts of the first season.

Personally, I believe that Season 1 of Little House on the Prairie is engaging, moving, and wholesome. I’ve been watching this show ever since I was very young, and I think that Season 1 is suitable for audiences of all ages. It has funny moments and very valuable lessons that teach children modesty and kindness. Even though this show is appropriate for young kids, it is also suitable for teenagers and adults. It is truly the perfect family show and I highly recommend watching it.

Review by Christina