YOUth Review: It Ends With Us by Colleen Hoover

It Ends With Us is a strong book about breaking cycles of abuse and moving on to a safe life. The empowering message of the book is relatable to many women. This story shows that it is possible to overcome negative circumstances which made me really like this book. Abuse is a very touchy subject for some people however the author still decided to talk about it without any trigger warnings. As I read the book, I later found out that the author is writing about the positive effects and teaching many people that there is light on the other side. Through the author's descriptive and powerful word choices, I was able to put myself in the protagonist's shoes and know exactly how she is feeling which made me understand the characters on a deeper level.

There are a lot of flashbacks to the characters’ pasts which helped me have a better understanding of the plot of the novel. There are many plot twists making this novel unpredictable and interesting. With these plot twists, it was difficult for me to put this book down. This novel is unique because abuse is a topic that is not discussed in many other books, especially not overcoming and moving on from abuse. This book took me through many different emotions and finally, I was feeling relieved and happy towards the ending. This book is very inspiring to many and it left me wanting to keep reading even after I was finished reading it. This book has a very deep message throughout it which left me inspired.

Written by Abigail M.