YOUth Review: Instructions for Dancing by Nicola Yoon

I love two things: Nicola Yoon’s books and dance. So when I saw this book, I was excited to read it. In this book, we see Evie Thomas not believing in love anymore. She is able to see visions of the future and every time she sees a relationship’s future, it ends in heartbreak. She eventually encounters a mysterious old woman who gives her a book titled Instructions for Dancing, which leads her to a dance studio. Here she learns how to ballroom dance in all styles with a boy named X. He has a philosophy of saying yes to everything, and Evie doesn’t realize that she is slowly falling in love with him, day by day.

Unlike Yoon’s other books, this one is not as lighthearted. It starts off with a deep message and ends with an even deeper message. I found it was a lot more profound and thought-provoking than the author’s other books. It has a major twist that changes the whole direction and message of the story. Yoon included many quotes on things you may have never thought of before, and it all ties in with the storyline perfectly.

I felt this book could have used an extra 20 pages or so to tie off some loose ends, but other than that I enjoyed it a lot. If you like books that convey a deep message and hold many surprises and plot twists along the way, and a bonus if you like dance, I think that you will really enjoy Instructions for Dancing.

Review written by Brianna