YOUth Review: Grey’s Anatomy (Season One) by Shonda Rhimes

Grey's Anatomy is the introduction to this series that takes you through medical students’ lives. In the beginning, the main characters are introduced. They begin as interns at Seattle Grace Hospital. These characters are Meredith Grey (the main character), Christina Yang (her best friend), George O’Malley, Izzie Stevens, and Alex Karev. They all become best friends as they go through their internships together. This group of interns gets put under resident Dr. Miranda Bailey. Meredith quickly becomes the favourite intern since she is former surgeon Ellis Grey’s daughter. On Meredith’s first day as an intern, she finds a coworker that she has had a previous encounter with.

Meredith lives in her mother’s house by herself. Meredith advertises for roommates around the hospital in hopes to make her house less empty. Meredith struggles throughout this season as she hides the fact that her mother has a secret from all of her co-workers. Meredith faces many struggles, however they only make her stronger and wiser moving on.

I enjoyed this season of Grey's Anatomy because it is not hard to follow along and Meredith is narrating from her perspective in the background so it makes it easy to understand and follow the plot of the show. This season is informative as it shows flashbacks from many characters’ past lives and it is shot from many different characters’ perspectives. In my opinion, season one of Grey's Anatomy is a great introduction to the series.

Written by Abigail M.