YOUth Review: Circe by Madeline Miller

In this book, we follow the life of Circe, a nymph in ancient Greek times. Circe is not seen as beautiful or powerful. Her father, despite great efforts, is unable to find someone to marry her. Circe was not born with any power and instead she has to master the art of witchcraft through years of practice. She is an outcast in her community with no friends until she meets a mortal who takes interest in her. She uses her powers on the mortal which leads to her betrayal. When her father finds out about what she did, he exiles her for all of eternity. She is banished to an island. At first, she sees it as a severe punishment, but through her own brilliance, she finds comfort and a home in it. We watch Circe overcome great problems, and many are relatable to those that we face on our own. She forms relationships, both good and bad with the many visitors she meets on her island. She becomes one with her witchcraft and excels at it.

In this story, we are able to relate to Circe through the deep roots of feminism rooted in the book. The writing is filled with metaphors and hidden meanings that always hold your interest. My favourite part of this book is how Circe is portrayed. She is relatable to many in the way that she is so complex. At first, she is naive but she grows to be the exact opposite. She forms strong connections with many, her loyalty setting her above others. Although, many betray her, leaving her unable to forgive.

Written by Makenna M.