YOUth Review: Annie (1982 movie)

The movie Annie, directed by John Huston in 1982, is a family favourite film which can be enjoyed by audiences of all ages.

Annie takes place in 1933. It is a story of a young orphan girl who longs to find her parents. This is not easy for her, considering she is stuck in an orphanage, with a cruel and inconsiderate guardian, Ms. Hannigan. Although Annie attempts to escape, she does not succeed. One day, Oliver Warbucks, a wealthy businessman, decides that he would like to spend a few weeks with an orphan. When Annie is chosen for this extraordinary opportunity, she is absolutely thrilled. Warbucks discovers that Annie desires to find her parents, so he helps her by offering a sum of money to anyone who can prove that they are Annie’s parents. Several couples claim that Annie is their daughter, however, they are all dishonest. The man and his girlfriend who have proof are actually criminals who just want the reward money.

Annie is one of my favourite movies because it has a very heart-warming plot, which is also packed with action. Although there have been other remakes of this entertaining film, I personally believe that this version is the best one. It includes all of the classic songs, such as "Tomorrow", "It’s the Hard Knock Life", and "Easy Street", so you will probably be singing and dancing along with the movie characters because of its timeless tunes. Overall, I believe that watching Annie is worth it and it is a great way to entertain yourself, your entire family and your friends.

Written by Christina