YOUth Review: All Your Perfects by Colleen Hoover

All your Perfects is very tense and ongoing and makes the reader unable to put the book down. There are 2 different types of ongoing chapters, the “then” and “now” chapters. The “then” chapters made me feel happy and warm while it reminisces on the protagonists’ past while everything was perfect. On the other hand, the “now” chapters are chaotic and problematic, these made me tense up and caused me some slight confusion. This book and the writing style have much emotion making the novel a little easier to understand. Colleen Hoover goes back to the protagonists’ past which helps the reader to put together why everything is happening the way it does. There are some points throughout the novel that confused me. These are mostly some unexpected turning points that put a hold on my understanding, leaving me to continue reading more. Throughout my time reading this book, I noticed the book does talk about some sensitive topics such as infertility, however, it mentions the positive aspects of it rather than the negative. As a reader, this made me like the novel even more.

In my opinion, I really enjoyed this novel. There were many unexpected plot twists that made me keep reading more. Compared to other novels, I was very involved in this one. It made me ask myself many questions that were later answered along my read. I enjoyed how the author wrote this book about a “picture perfect” life of two individuals and showed the reality of this “perfect” life and all of the future chaos behind it. This was a very easy read and caused me a rollercoaster of emotions.

Written by Abigail M.