Staff Preview Week 6 Challenge

Staff Preview Challenge - Week 6

This is it!  This is the last one.

Your final challenge for Staff Preview is to run through a couple of event registrations using the new Events module.  Unlike SignUp, this module does not have a calendar display - it only lists upcoming events.

Much like the catalogue does, BiblioEvents uses sidebar "facets" to filter our events in various ways.  You can use them to shorten the list of events that you see so you scroll less to find what you're looking for.  Check them out while you're in there!

Your first task is to locate and register for the event called Complex Staff Registration in the event listings.  It is an Adult event and it takes place at 7pm on March 15th.  Try using the sidebar facets with that information so you can find it quickly.  Within that event you'll find more instructions.  After you finish registering, you'll receive instructions for the next step!

Find the Event Listings through the "What's On" tab in the main navigation menu above.

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