Staff Preview Challenge - Week 5

Let's review the online FAQ.

Many people will look on our website before calling with questions.  To reduce the number of calls you have to field, our new website should answer as many of the questions as possible that patrons will have about using the Library, including topics like branch hours and addresses, Library Membership and Card renewals, borrowing rules, Library services and the website itself.

This week, we want to get you familiar with the Frequently Asked Questions that have been built into the site, and to give you the opportunity to contribute to them in case there are things we've missed.

To earn your ballot this week, you must complete Challenge 1.  You can earn up to 6 ballots by completing it multiple times!

Challenge 1:  New Landing Pages

At this time, our FAQs are divided into six categories, and are accessible through the Help drop-down at the top of every page. They're also embedded into various pages where questions may come up. 

Imagine you’re one of the crankiest, most doubting, anxious (and stress-inducing, for you!) patrons you've had to deal with.  You know, the one who's always looking to one-up a smarty-pants Library staffer?  Keep them in mind as you answer this week's Challenge questions.

Fill out the form below once to earn your weekly ballot.  You have the option to repeat the process with a different category for another ballot - you can earn up to 6 ballots this week, one for each FAQ category you review.


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