Staff Preview Week 2 Challenges

Staff Preview Challenge - Week 2

Let's learn more about using Facets.

Answer at least the first challenge below.  You'll be awarded ONE ballot for completing this Search challenge.  Earn extra ballots by making an "If You Liked" List, too!

Please note that these are multi-part challenges and you must complete all the parts of the challenges in order to be awarded your ballots!

Challenge 1:  Facets

"My father just moved here from overseas.  He only speaks French, and he wants me to bring home some DVDs to keep him entertained in the evenings."

Find this patron
1) movies in French,
2) movies with French sub-titles OR in French and
3) movies based in France but in English?

This is a 3-part challenge, two questions for each part - 6 questions total.

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Optional Challenge 2:  Make an "If You Liked" List

Let's create a List!

Create an "If You Liked" list for one of your favourite books, and learn how the NoveList add-on works to help lead people deeper into the collection.

Remember that providing a description and annotations make lists better for users, so you’ll receive bonus ballots for including them.  

  • 1 ballot for a list with 10+ items
  • 2 ballots for a list with 10+ items and a list description.
  • 5 ballots for a list with 10+ items and a list description and annotations for each item.

Creating a list is very easy!

Learn how in the Partner Portal:

Here's an example List with description and annotations (you can do better than this!)


  • Search for a favourite book in our collection.  In its bib page, scroll down to the "You may also like" section and check out the content our NoveList Select add-on has created for us.  Feel free to use this content in creating your list!
  • As a Library Staff member, any annotations you make on your published Lists will show up as comments in the bibs when you make your lists visible to the public.
  • Be kind in your annotations and don't say anything you might regret later.  Remember, we're trying to help our books to circ!
  • After you finish editing your List and click the blue button to Finish Editing, you'll have options for its visibility.  Select "Anyone with the link" to limit visibility to the people who are checking your work.

Once you've finished editing and selected "Anyone with the link" visibility, copy the link to your list out of your browser address bar and paste it into the form below to submit it.

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