YOUth Review: The Maid by Nita Prose

The Maid, a debut novel written by Nita Prose, tells us a story about a young maid named Molly Gray and an incident that occurred at the hotel where she was employed. Molly is not like everyone else, she misreads intentions and struggles to communicate. The only one who understood her was her gran, but ever since she died, Molly has had to navigate life complications by herself. Molly’s life of cleanliness and purity comes to a stop the moment she finds, the real estate tycoon Charles Black in his bed not breathing. In pursuit of finding out who committed the homicide, Molly finds herself trapped in a spider web of deception and lies, with no idea how to untangle herself. The police begin to tag Molly as the prime suspect. This sets the scene for this thrilling crime novel.

For me, The Maid was an opinion-changing novel, as someone who doesn’t prioritize a spotless room, it was intriguing to read about the world from her perspective. I enjoyed the twisted drama between Mr. Black and his wife and the undying romance between Molly and Juan Manuel. I really enjoyed Molly’s journey to making friends and getting over her social anxiety. While Molly was attempting to clear her name, I felt anxious for her and felt the depth of the world she was living in. I have no words to describe my excitement when reading this novel. It was page-turning and eye-opening . I suggest this novel to anyone who loves crime mysteries with a slight touch of romance.

Written by K. S.