YOUth Review: Good Girl, Bad Blood by Holly Jackson

Good Girl, Bad Blood is the second book in the Good Girl's Guide to Murder series; it starts off following the main character, Pip, after she solves the murder of Andie Bell. She made a podcast about the case, and it went viral. Pip is no longer a detective; she is done solving crimes because she got too obsessed last time. 

Someone close to Pip goes missing at the memorial of the sixth year since Andie Bell’s and Sal Singh’s death. Pip’s friend Conner, Jamie Reynold’s brother, the guy who went missing, begs for Pip to find him. She’s hesitant at first, scared to get caught too deep, but she has to do it; she grew up with Jamie; if she can’t save him, she will never forgive herself. 

The trail of clues Pip follows a lead to dark truths and secrets of the town; Pip finds herself in danger yet again. Will she find Jamie before it’s too late?

This book was excellent; I rated it five out of five stars. I liked it more than the first book, which was shocking because of how good that one was. Holly Jackson is an amazing author who delivers a compelling plot and interesting characters in each book she creates. The book had many plot twists, just like the first one and was a super quick read because of how good it was. 

She recently announced a new book set to come out on April 2, 2024, called Reappearance of Rachel Price. If you’re a fan of this series or thriller, I recommend reading it when it comes out, along with her other stand-alone thriller, Five Survive

Review by Sophia C.