YOUth Review: Chaotic Good by Whitney Gardner

Chaotic Good follows Cameron, a geeky soon-to-be-senior in high school who loves fashion, costume design, and cosplay, and is very good at it. Her dream is to get accepted into CalArts, and the book follows her journey.

After moving to Eugene from Portland, Cameron’s only choice for a comic book shop is Atomix, a shop run by boys who, per say, don’t like girls. After an upsetting experience shopping there for her costume design inspiration, she decides to dress up as a boy to see how different she is treated. She ends up being treated much better, but Cameron soon forgets to expose she’s actually a girl which leads into a spiral of events. 

I thought this book was great, but I would've liked it even better if I was a fan of things like Dungeons & Dragons, which has huge prominence in the story. So if you are a fan of D&D, comic books and their characters, costume design and anything geeky then I highly recommend checking out this book as I think you will greatly enjoy it. This book also covers topics like cyberbullying, which Cameron deals with a lot on her cosplay blog.

I also thought that the book ended alright, but would love it if a sequel came out. Overall, I enjoyed this book a lot and it was fun reading about things that I never really read about!