YOUth Review: A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder by Holly Jackson

A Good Girl's Guide to Murder is a YA mystery novel by Holly Jackson that takes place in the small town of Fairview, Connecticut. Pip is a Senior at Fairview High School and has to work on her final project; she has chosen to research a murder that happened in her town five years ago. The murder was the death of a teenage girl named Andie Bell; her boyfriend, Sal Singh, was accused of the murder, and then he killed himself. The case closed after that because the police believed he killed himself because he was guilty. Pip was always skeptical because she knew Sal when she was younger and always remembered him being a nice guy; she never thought he would be a killer. As Pip investigates, she brings along Sal’s brother Ravi to help her; along the way, they learn that Sal might really be innocent and know someone in Fairview doesn’t want Pip to uncover the truth. She keeps searching for answers, but now, her own life might be in danger.

I read this book at the beginning of the year, and it is one of my favourite books. I rated it five out of five stars. The whole book was entertaining and easy to follow. The ending was super unexpected and worth the wait. This book is part of a trilogy, I have read the second book and also rated it five stars, and I have yet to read the last one. I recommend this trilogy. It is definitely an amazing series and deserves all the popularity it has gotten on TikTok. The book is now being adapted into a TV series by BBC, starring Wednesday star Emma Myers as the main character. If you like this book, I would recommend Holly Jackson’s newest book, Five Survive, a stand-alone YA thriller that is as good as the GGGTM trilogy.

Review by Sophia C.