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you walk in autumn nights holding your new

man’s hand. I try to cauterize my wounds but

don’t know the procedure. I am scrambling.

you don’t feel the gravity of love until it forces

you away. alone. you knew what you had was

special but special takes many forms. like love,

apparently. that’s what you said when I asked

if you still love me. I wish you had just said no.

you’re a one-man kind of woman and I’m a

one-woman kind of man. you have your man

and I drink alone in a small room thinking past

and present. trying different methods. it’s hard

to love yourself when no one else does. and the

wounds re-open.


Not Now

If you forget what love is you can come back and claim it.

But wait. I am not ready now.

I just started painting.

The world has returned to my window.


Grey skies awaken me and persist through nightfall.

Discipline bears rewards I have forgotten.

The mind has other intentions.


I don’t smile the way I used to.

But in shallow fields I feel delighted.

I hope it rains tomorrow.


You had pure sunlight and magic in your grasp.

You threw it out with the muffin tins.

It turns out you were not the moon.

You merely hid behind it.


If you forget what love is you can come back and claim it.

But wait. I am not ready now.



grey mornings blend into grey

afternoons and eventually you rise

from the bed, melancholic and full

of self-something, and your feet shred

pavement to arrive at the emerald.

you can feel the cars moving

as you escape concrete

and embrace the forest.


leafless trees leap from the Earth

in wild, splintering bursts.

hummingbirds vanish into vines

as hawks nest atop power lines

and as night falls,

the sky becomes ocean,

and you drown in the beauty

of it all.



forget the future

forget the paths and your place along them

forego the far-off dream


there is only one task

and there always has been

don’t you see?


here, listen. blink and look around

grab hold of your skin sack and scream

“I AM ALIVE!” you know that right?


you do, of course you do

in fact you always have

but I get it, I’ve been there


but now I’m here

and so are you

now what would you like to do?


Meaningful, Magical

as we circle the sun

days come and go like paychecks.

existence, you celestial hack,

what is your purpose?

this floating through


sometimes I dream of worlds

crossing over: a five-headed bird,

another man’s viewpoint.

sometimes I dream of you

and sometimes I don’t dream

at all.


Couch Time

bet on the home team

walk around the block

floss between your teeth


speak politely

wash your face

drink and opine to friends


support small business

wash the dishes

give a homeless man a dollar


hem your pants

fight your neighbour

take an orange from the fruit bowl


call your parents

light a candle

do a little dance


just don’t

sit alone with

your thoughts.