'Check Out' the Candidates!

The Municipal Election is October 24! 

Do your research on the candidates by visiting tbayvotes.ca and reading the candidate profiles.

The Mayoral Debate was held on October 12 at Waverley.

You can access the live stream on our YouTube Channel or on Facebook.

Click on the YouTube link above to access the events in a playlist called Past live streams or Uploads.

Question the Candidates:

These events have also already occurred.

The Ward events were filmed and may also be accessed on our YouTube channel and our Facebook page.
  • Neebing & Westfort Candidates - Monday, October 3 @ Mary J.L. Black (901 S. Edward Street)
  • Northwood & McKellar Candidates - Tuesday, October 4 @ Mary J.L. Black (901 S. Edward Street)
  • Current River, McIntyre & Red River Candidates - Wednesday, October 5 @ Waverley (285 Red River Road)
  • At Large Candidates - Thursday, October 6 @ Brodie (216 S. Brodie Street) - No formal Q & A or live stream due to the number of candidates (24).

Meet the Candidates!

Watch introduction videos submitted by the candidates in this YouTube playlist.



For more information, contact Tina at 684-6813 or email tmaronese@tbpl.ca