picture of flybrary shelves and chairs located at the airport


Located on the main floor of the Thunder Bay International Airports Authority (TBIAA) terminal building, the Flybrary is modelled after the concept of Little Free Libraries, neighbourhood book exchanges where people are encouraged to take-a-book or return-a-book.

Air travel and the Airport experience can involve time spent waiting, whether for connecting flights or for inclement weather.  The opportunity to pick up a book to pass the time while waiting contributes to a positive experience.

The Flybrary also offers seating for those who may choose to sit and read in a quiet space.  The TBIAA partnered with Thunder Bay's own Industrial Craftsman, Nathan Kushner, to design and handcraft unique seating that expresses the uniqueness of Thunder Bay and Northwestern Ontario.  You can see more of Nathan Kushner's work at his website:

Have you taken a Flybrary book on an adventure?  We'd love to hear about it!  Please post pictures and stories on our Facebook page, or tweet them to us @tbaypl.

We are proud to partner with the Thunder Bay International Airports Authority to bring you the Flybrary.

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