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How to Search

Encore is a simplified search experience! Just enter the title, author, or topic you are looking for and click the Search arrow.


  • No worries about name order (first last or last first will both work!)
  • Capitals, spaces, and punctuation are ignored, so searching for J k roWlinG is the same as searching for Rowling, J K
  • Can only remember part of a title? Enter what you know and Encore will show you the possibilities
  • Encore will search every possible field for the words you enter in the search box: author, title, subject heading, summary, and more!

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Viewing Search Results

As in our Classic Catalogue, Search Results are sorted based on Relevance. To see the most recent results first, click on Date. This will show you the most recently published materials related to your search. For an alphabetical listing, click on Title.

Search Results

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Using Filters

FacetsYou can use the Filters (or facets) on the left-hand side menu to help you easily narrow your search results. They are clickable headings that will limit the results based on your preferences. For example, you may want to see only those items currently available in the library. You can also filter by:

  • Format (DVD, print, etc)
  • Language
  • Publication Date
  • Collection (Brodie, County Park, Books Only, Children's Collection, etc)
  • Location (Brodie Adult, Brodie Children's, Brodie Young Adult, etc)

To apply a filter

  1. In the left sidebar, click the box next to a category to view the available options
  2. Click the checkbox or heading you want to use as a filter. (If the heading has more than 10 items, click the Show more link to see more items in a popup window)
  3. You can filter the titles further by selecting additional headings
  4. After selecting a filter, the results page will reload with new information. The Filter will appear at the top of the Filter Listing under the heading Current Refinements

Removing filters

You can remove filters you no longer need to change your search results. To remove your filters, just click in the checkbox and wait for the page to reload. You can also remove filters by clicking on the X beside the filter under Current Refinements. To remove all filters at once, choose the Clear All option.








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Placing Holds - Request It!


You can place holds directly from your list of search results by clicking on the Request It button. After logging in with your barcode and PIN, you will be asked to select which Community Hub you want to pick up the item from. Once your hold as been placed, a confirmation notice will appear next to the title.

Place holds


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My Cart

My Cart is a tool for temporarily tracking Library materials. You do not need to be logged in to add items to a cart. Just click on the shopping basket under the Request It button to add items.


To view your Cart after adding items, click on the My Cart heading next to the Login link.  My Cart can be used to:

  • email the item records
  • place holds on many items at once, or individually
  • save the item records as a List in My Library Accountmenu

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Advanced Search

Using the Filters, you can complete many aspects of the Advance Search in our Classic Catalogue in a simple Encore search. However, the Advanced Search is still an option. 

Advanced SearchEnter search terms in the white fields and use the drop down menus to choose between Keyword, Title, Author, and Subject searches. Click on the X beside the search and then click on Add boolean to change the boolean operator from AND to OR if you are searching for books on cats OR pets; or from AND to NOT if you are interested in materials by Rowling but NOT Harry Potter. Under the Library catalogue section, you can use the drop down menus to choose between Formats like DVD, Magazine and Spoken Record; Collections like Audio Books and the Children's Collection; Languages like French, English, and German; and even enter a publication date Year range. 

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