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Class Visits in Library

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Primary School Class Visits

Introduction to the Library: An age-appropriate introduction to the Library with tour, stories, and puppet show. Extra time will be given to students to browse and borrow from our collection

The Book Shelf: After consulting with you about your class's reading level and interests, Library staff will deliver a personalized presentation highlighting titles that are sure to appeal. Students will also learn how to use our print and electronic resources to search for books to match their interests. Great for a pre-holiday reading excitement boost! Appropriate for junior and intermediate grades 

The Research Guide: This presentation can be adjusted for any unit of study! Students will learn about researching with our print and electronic resources, with a specific focus on age-appropriate online databases. Appropriate for all grades.

Northern ThinkHub @ Brodie: Come in and explore our standing units of "Chain Reaction" and "Good Vibrations".  ThinkHub is also available for class visits using the Bridges or Tremendous Towers modules. The class visit modules support the Grade 3 - 5 Science Structures and Mechanisms curriculum, and allow students to develop a working knowledge of bridges and towers as structures by exploring their strength and ability to withstand natural phenomena. Each unit is approximately an hour in length. If you are interested in more information, or booking a class visit, please visit us in person on the lower level of the Brodie Community Hub, phone us at 624-4205, or email us at

Northern Nature Trading @ Mary J L Black: Northern Nature Trading is a special kind of swap shop!  You can bring in the natural things you've found and trade them for things in our collection. There are curriculum materials available to support your science program. Book a session with Northern Nature Trading by calling Lisa at 345-8275 ext. 7302.


Secondary School Class Visits

Introduction to the Library: Give your students an introduction to exactly what the Library has to offer them – such as the wide range of services for teens, homework assistance, research material, programs, events, and volunteer opportunities. Extra time will be given to students to browse and borrow from our collection

Research Wizards: Enhance the research skills of your students by having library staff walk them through a live how-to session using academic resources. Useful for preparing students to write essays, prepare Works Cited lists, projects, Independent Studies and more. Both online databases and print material will be used.

Great Reads: Want to encourage more recreational reading for your students or introduce them to a great author or genre? We will use a combination of print and electronic materials to provide a session covering topics of your choice. Popular topics include graphic novels, young adult authors and Canadian classics. Perfect for classes with independent studies or transitioning into a holiday

Information Literacy: C.R.A.A.P. - Currency, relevancy, authority, accuracy and purpose. Fake news ... alternative facts. Digital and media literacy are critical for students to learn. This workshop is ideal for grades 5-8 or 9-12.


Your Way: Thinking of something a bit different? Contact the Library ( to customize your session to meet the needs of your students.


Class Visits at School

Below you will find a brief outline of the types of workshops we can offer you and your students right in the comfort of your own school. Want more details or to request a special topic? Email to get started!

  • Introduction to the Library
  • Research Wizards
  • Great Reads
  • Information Literacy: C.R.A.A.P. - Currency, relevancy, authority, accuracy, and purpose
  • Job Seeking & Resumes
  • Market Research
  • World During World War One

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