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Thunder Bay Public Library and Northwestern Ontario Writers Workshop (NOWW) join forces to bring you our Writers' Nights series.

NOWW is a group of writers - both seasoned and new - who provide inspiration and support.  

We offer dynamic readings of prose, poetry and nonfiction by fine authors in our region. Qualified readers are chosen from among our members. For more information please visit www.nowwwriters.ca. Readings and workshops are free and open to the public.



Join us for readings from local writers and open mic poetry.  For more information please contact Sue at yahoo%23com|lassfromyorks2001 or www.nowwwriters.ca for more information.

There are no readings at TBPL during the summer months.


Mary J.L. Black

Saturday, May 13 @ 10am - Writing Memory - ?Writing Truth with Denise Chong

Drawing on her published works and in discussion and exercises with participants, Denise will conduct a workshop exploring the nature of memory—a powerful—if flawed—tool of the writer both of non-fiction and of fiction. She will argue that the writer’s task, in wrestling lives to the page, is to pry and to be an arbiter, not so much of what is true, but rather what may be a truth.

Denise's workshop is part of the NOWW Annual Literary Awards Party.

**Registration is required. Please visit nowwwriters.ca/workshops.html to register

Waverley Auditorium

Thursday, June 8 @ 7pm - Writing the Novel with Gail Anderson-Dargatz

The novel can be an intimidating form, even for an experienced writer.  But the novel is a friendly beast, once you get to know it.  In this discussion, we'll take a close look at the things writers are most afraid of when approaching the novel, but most of what we'll cover also  applies to creative non-fiction projects.  We'll also touch on getting that book out there, from finding an agent and publisher to promoting your work.  Gail will follow up on the discussion with links on her website.

**This workshop is open to the public with a $5 cash admission paid at the door.

The Writers' Circle

The Writers' Circle meets on the last Wednesday of the month in the Waverley Auditorium.  Call Paul at 345-8513 for more information. 

May 31 @7pm - Word's Worth of Wordsworth
June 28 @ 6:30pm - TBA
July 26 @ 6:30pm - TBA
August 30 @ 6:30pm - TBA

Mission Statement

We are the people from within the community who like to write. We meet monthly in an open forum to share ideas, conduct workshops, have discussions, and to support each other in our efforts. Our membership is fluid and new faces are always welcome. We are the best teachers because we are also students. There is no membership fee. We look forward to seeing you.