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Thunder Bay Public Library and Northwestern Ontario Writers Workshop (NOWW) join forces to bring you our Writers' Nights series.

NOWW is a group of writers - both seasoned and new - who provide inspiration and support.  

We offer dynamic readings of prose, poetry and nonfiction by fine authors in our region. Qualified readers are chosen from among our members. For more information please visit www.nowwwriters.ca. Readings and workshops are free and open to the public.



Join us for readings from local writers and open mic poetry.  For more information please visit www.nowwwriters.ca.

  • Thursday, January 18 @ 7pm - Mary J.L. Black Community Program Room

    Theme: Janus: Glance Back, Look Forward
    Discover how three regional writers interpret the two faces of January.

  • Thursday, February 15 @ 7pm - Mary J.L. Black Community Program Room

    Theme: Poetry: To Rhyme or Not to Rhyme
    How do you like your poetry? Come out and listen to three local poets with their own distinct styles.

  • Thursday, March 15 @ 7pm - Mary J.L. Black Community Program Room

    Theme: 10x10 Plays
    Be entertained by new plays performed or read by local actors. Bring your poetry for the open mic. Everyone welcome!


  • Thursday, January 25 @ 7pm - Waverley Large Meeting Room

    Why do I offer a workshop on the sonnet, that 'little song" of poetry that began eight centuries ago in Italy? 
    Sonnets are a realm unto themselves, with transferable skills such as focussing an idea, playing in and out of rhythm,  developing skill in the use of form, appreciating poetic tradition and cultivating connoisseurship.  I'm not interested in teaching how to write a sonnet, rather with the experience of writing a sonnet teaches.  
    I think poets should be well versed (haha) in all forms.  If you think so too, then roll up your sleeves, ink your quill, and join your fellow poets.
    This workshop will be delivered by Holly Haggerty.

The Writers' Circle

The Writers' Circle meets on the last Wednesday of the month in the Waverley Large Meeting Room.  Call Paul at 345-8513 for more information. 

January 31 @7pm - Indigenous Poetry and Prose
February 28 @ 7pm - Bring Your Own Work
March 28 @ 7pm - TBA
April 25 @ 7pm - Folk Tales From Around the World

Mission Statement

We are the people from within the community who like to write. We meet monthly in an open forum to share ideas, conduct workshops, have discussions, and to support each other in our efforts. Our membership is fluid and new faces are always welcome. We are the best teachers because we are also students. There is no membership fee. We look forward to seeing you.