Vinyl Listening Station

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In celebration of the fiftieth anniversary of 1967, the year of the album, we're thrilled to bring you two vinyl listening stations at the Waverley Library.

Come in and browse our collection, and choose an album or two to listen to. Exchange the album covers for the records at the main desk.  You will find the 1967 albums from such big names as The Rolling Stones, Beatles, Bob Dylan, Cream, Jefferson Airplane, Van Morrison, Jimi Hendrix, and many more.  

We welcome your comments about this new service.  Fill out a form when you visit, or click through to send your comments online.

Check out these YouTube videos to begin your trip back to 1967:

 Duncal Weller painting

Read about this fabulous painting by Duncan Weller, which may be found at the listening station.



Musical memories on the wall.