The makerspace is located on the Ground Floor of the Waverley Resource Library.  


The makerspace is temporarily CLOSED as we work to refresh the space.


The makerspace charges a nominal fee for materials and time on the equipment.
Prices at present are default prices and will change as we fine tune the process and add equipment.
Material cost is $5 per gram in most cases, and 3D printing time is $5 per hour in most cases.

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UPCOMING EVENTS - these events are temporarily postponed until further notice.

Tear Down Tuesdays
Learn how to open things up and see how they work, including common household items and electronic devices.

Tabletop Game Thursdays
Drop in to play table top games, board games, dice games and role playing games. You are welcome to bring your own games to play (for teens and adults).

For more information or for a 3D printing demonstration, please contact Stephen Hurrell at 684-6807 / tbpl%23ca|shurrell