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Getting to a Just and Sustainable Food Policy for Canada

Waverley Auditorium 

Saturday, September 23 @ 2pm

Canadians are increasingly concerned about the health and sustainability of the food we eat. On May 29, 2017, the Federal Minister of Agriculture announced the launch of consultations for A Food Policy For Canada with the intention of setting a long-term vision for the Canadian food system. While there is much to celebrate in this process, there are also questions whether this policy will steer us in the direction of a more sustainable food system or lead to a “business as usual” approach, bringing more diet-related diseases, environmental damage, hunger and poverty? Join Dr. Charles Levkoe, Canada Research Chair in Sustainable Food Systems to discuss ways that a national food policy can direct us towards a more socially just and ecologically sustainable food system for all.


Unbundling Uncomfortable Conversations

Mary J.L. Black Community Program Room

Saturday, October 21 @ 2pm

In an era of truth and reconciliation, honest expression becomes an important vehicle for change. What does honesty look and feel like in a City the size of Thunder Bay? This talk will explore how we can be direct in expressing what we want for the next 50 years, and why we can better accomplish this together. Join Cynthia Wesley-Esquimaux, Chair on Truth and Reconciliation, Lakehead University.


Permanent State of Emergency

Waverley Auditorium 

Saturday, November 18 @ 2pm

The United States is in the midst of the most serious constitutional crisis in its history. After the immediate aftermath of 9/11 had passed, instead of curbing the increase in executive power, Congress and the courts facilitated the breakdown of the nation’s constitutional order and set the stage for presidential supremacy. Trump inherited a turn-key totalitarian state: what can be done now that he is at the wheel? Join Dr. Ryan Alford, Faculty of Law.