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Historical Amnesia and Combatting Fake News

Mary J.L. Black Community Program Room

Saturday, February 2 @ 2pm

Fake news can mean many things: deliberate misinformation, hoaxes, propaganda, casting doubt on legitimate news for political gain - to name a few. Yet, despite its predominance today, it is not a new phenomenon. Join us to explore the history of fake news and how historical amnesia has contributed to its rise today. Presented by Dr. Michel S. Beaulieu, Lakehead University History Department.


Is Superman an Immigrant?: Race, Ethnicity and the Superhero

Brodie Fireside Reading Room

Saturday, March 2 @ 2pm

Join in a discussion of the ethnic and racial backgrounds of superhero comic creators, and the development of characters such as T'Challa (Black Panther), Kamala Khan (Ms. Marvel) and Miles Morales (Ultimate Spider-Man). This presentation will discuss the roles that superhero comics play in supporting and challenging ethnic and racial stereotypes. Presented by Dr. Judith Leggatt and Dr. Monica Flegel from Lakehead University's English Department.