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Fans Vs. Rotten Tomatoes: How the Internet has Changed Reviewing Culture

Brodie Fireside Reading Room

Saturday, January 27 @ 2pm

Drs. Judith Leggatt and Monica Flegel from Lakehead's English department will discuss how the democratization of criticism in the digital age has led to clashes between fans, professional critics, and academics over whose opinion should matter most when it comes to popular culture.


Kitchen Soldiers: Feeding the Home Front in WWI

Brodie Fireside Reading Room

Saturday, March 17 @ 2pm

During WWI the Lakehead, and all of Canada, undertook a plan of food control to provide for overseas soldiers and allies. This talk looks at how food regulations, thriftiness, and substitutions impacted Lakehead homes including a discussion on food, family meals, and suggested recipes. Presented by Beverly Soloway, Department of History.


Ergonomics and Work: Using Research to Develop Tools and Processes that Improve Worker Safety

Waverley Auditorium 

Saturday, April 7 @ 2pm

Dr. Kathryn Sinden from Lakehead’s Kinesiology department will offer a talk at the Waverley Library called Ergonomics and Work: Using research to develop tools and processes that improve worker safety. 
The ergonomic chair. The ergonomic mouse. The ergonomic shovel. The list goes on. The word “ergonomic” is used to describe many of the tools used in our daily lives. This In Conversation talk will discuss how research informs ergonomics and work design to reduce risk factors that are linked to workplace injury.