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photo of Craig MacKinnon

Life and Death and Nitrogen

Waverley Auditorium 

Saturday, February 11 @ 2pm

Chemist Fritz Haber invented a process that doubled agricultural output; a few years later he supervised the gassing of Canadian troops at the 2nd Battle of Ypres. This talk will discuss Haber's nitrogen-fixation process and legacy on the 100th anniversary of World War I. Join Dr. Craig MacKinnon from Lakehead’s Department of Chemistry for this talk.



photo of Connie Russell

The Other "F" Word: Fat Oppression and Finding Ways to Fight It

Waverley Auditorium 

Saturday, March 11 @ 2pm

It is a rare day that we do not encounter rhetoric about the “obesity epidemic.” A staple of media, public health campaigns, and advertisements for the hugely profitable weight loss industry, we are constantly told that fat is unhealthy and that only thin bodies are beautiful. Presenter Dr. Connie Russell, Faculty of Education, will unpack such messages, describe the impacts of fat shaming, and point to different ways we might combat weight-based oppression so that everybody can flourish. Contact 684-6811 for more information.



photo of Anna Guttman

The Other End of the Line: Stories from Inside India's Call Centres

Waverley Auditorium 

Saturday, April 1 @ 2pm

With approximately 350,000 employees, India’s call centres employ less than 0.1 percent of India’s estimated 470 million strong work force. Yet stories about Indian call centres are everywhere – in print, on screen, and online. Who is really at the other end of the line? And what can call centre stories tell us about the impact of globalization on everyday life? Presented by Dr. Anna Guttman from Lakehead University’s Department of English.



picture of Dr. Mirella Stroink and presenting students

Psychology: Simplifying Complexity

Waverley Auditorium 

Saturday, April 29 @ 2pm

Ever wonder why people do the things they do? That’s what we wonder. This talk will present a general introduction of research in psychology, looking particularly at examples of complex systems we are a part of in our day to day lives. Each presenter will provide a brief overview of the role that complex adaptive systems play in their specific area of research. Topics will include what affects our thinking, creativity, and well-being, and the impact of complex social systems on public sector healthcare. Join Mirella Stroink, Department of Psychology, and her students.



Picture of Peggy Smith

What Does the Free, Prior and Informed Consent of Indigenous People Mean for Resource Development?

Waverley Auditorium 

Saturday, May 20 @ 2pm

The Supreme Court of Canada has clearly spelled out that governments have a duty to consult with Indigenous peoples if they are undertaking any activity – including natural resource development – that may infringe constitutionally protected Aboriginal and treaty rights. Now Canada is promising to uphold the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples requiring the free, prior and informed consent of Indigenous peoples before development occurs. What does this mean for natural resource development? Join Peggy Smith from the Natural Resources Management Dept, for this discussion.