Indigenous Advisory Group

‘We would like to acknowledge that the City of Thunder Bay resides in the Robinson-Superior Treaty and has been built on the traditional lands of the Ojibwa people of Fort William First Nation. We would also like to recognize the contributions made to our community by the Métis people.’  Thunder Bay Public Library


Our purpose is to provide everyone with an opportunity to join our open discussions while brainstorming new and create ways in which TBPL can better serve and meet the needs of the Indigenous community in Thunder Bay. It is never too late to join and be a part of the new and exciting changes happening @yourLibrary. We are always happy to welcome new members and friends.

image Everyone is welcome & No registration required!


WEDNESDAY evenings 5:30 pm - 7 pm


November 29
Brodie Resource Library
Story Hour Room

December 13
Brodie Resource Library
Story Hour Room


Sharing & Storytelling Circles



The circle has a place for all members of our community to come and listen, learn and share. It is an excellent introduction into the Indigenous worldview and serves as a learning tool for all to gain broader knowledge and understanding.

Storytelling is about knowledge sharing, teaching, relating and connecting to a time and place outside of our physical realm. Traditionally, the stories that held deeper and spiritual meaning are only shared during a specific time of year – the winter season. The Anishnaabe peoples still hold onto this belief and carry on this tradition.

Sharing and storytelling circles are essential to ensuring that the Indigenous cultural beliefs, values and traditions continue to be passed down to generation to generation. Circles bring people together while connecting us all on a deeper and spiritual level.

Indigenous Youth, Elders and Traditional Knowledge Keepers are encouraged to attend!  


*Circles open with a smudge and prayer*






November 15
Brodie Resource Library
Story Hour Room

December 6
Waverley Resource Library

December 20
Brodie Resource Library
Story Hour Room


For more information, contact Robyn L. Medicine by email at tbpl%23ca|rmedicine or call 355-4594