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Genealogy and Ancestry LE Workshops
These free, hands-on sessions are 1.5 hours long and will be held in the Mary J. L. Black Community Program Room. Enrolment is limited. Register by calling 684-6815 or visit and click on Online Calendar. Registration begins at 10am on January 3, 2017. Participants are welcome to bring their own laptop to use in class.

Ancestry LE
This class is an introduction to the Library’s online genealogy resource Ancestry Library Edition (LE). You must know how to use a computer and Internet browser to
register for this class.

February 28 @ 2:30pm
March 16 @ 7pm
April 4 @ 7pm

Ancestry LE Advanced
This class goes beyond the introductory Ancestry LE class to get the most out of the Library’s online genealogy resource Ancestry Library Edition database. You must know how to use the Ancestry LE database at a basic level already.

April 20 @ 7pm 


Genealogy Basics

This class will provide an introductory overviewon topics such as how to get started with genealogical research, types of information to collect, tips on interpretation, brick walls and dead ends. Presented in partnership with Clare Cook - Ontario Genealogical Society.

January 26 @ 7pm


Genealogy Resources

This class will pick up where Genealogy Basics leaves off and address the wide variety of resources available, challenges in knowing genealogical information is reliable, threads to follow and more. Presented in partnersip with Clare Cook - Ontario Genealogical Society.

February 23 @ 7pm


Genetic Genealogy

This class is for those interested in learning how to use DNA to trace their genealogical roots. In this workshop Clare Cook overviews the topic and discusses how different DNA strands and DNA testing can be used to trace particular lines far back in time. Prior knowledge or experience with genealogy is recommended. Presented by Clare Cook - Ontario Genealogical Society.

March 23 @ 7pm


Once Upon a Time: Finding the Story of Your House

Learn how you can uncover the history of your home. Discover the tools for exploring the origins of your house, who lived there, how your neighbourhood developed, and if your home has any secrets. Presented by Beverly Soloway - Department of History, Lakehead University.

March 30 @ 7pm


Connecting the Dots: Data, Statistics and the History of the Lakehead

Discover stories about the Lakehead found in community records, phone books, directories, census, financial and other documents.This community workshop is presented by the Lakehead Social History Institute. This is a free program and does not require registration. For more information contact

March 5 from 12:30-4:30pm


Ontario Genealogical Society (OGS) Meetings

Meetings feature idea and research sharing along with special topics and guest speakers. Connect with them on Facebook (Thunder Bay District Branch, OGS) or by email at for more information.

Mary J.L. Black Community Program Room: Tuesdays @ 7 pm

January 31
February 28
March 28
April 25

Library Services

Interlibrary Loan

  • If TBPL does not carry an item, we can try to borrow it from another lending institution in Canada
  • You may request books, articles, archival and genealogical microfilm
  • Make requests for books in person, by phone, or by filling out a form online (books, articles, microfilm)
  • Microfilm requests should be made through the Brodie Resource Library - Reference Services
  • There is no charge for this service
  • Please allow 4-6 weeks for material to arrive

Microfilm Equipment

  • There are 2 microfilm readers and 2 microfilm readers/scanners at the Brodie Resource Library
  • Printing is available from all 4 machines
  • Saving to USB (in PDF format) is available on the 2 readers/scanners

Wi-Fi and Free Internet

  • Computers are available with free internet access at all TBPL branches
  • Wi-Fi is available with free access at all TBPL branches






CollectionsServices & ProgramsAboriginal Genealogy | Other Resources