Photocopiers and Faxing


Self service photocopiers are available at all Library locations.

  • Black and white:  15 cents per page (30 cents for double-sided)
  • Colour:  35 cents per page (70 cents for double-sided)


Scanning documents to a USB stick is now available.


Available at the Brodie and Waverley Resource Libraries.  A cover page is provided by the Library at no additional cost.  This faxing service only sends faxes -- the Library will not receive faxes on behalf of patrons.

  • Local destinations:  $1 for the first page, 50 cents for each additional page
  • Long distance:  $2 for the first page, $1 for each additional page


  • We are not responsible for faxes not received at the correct destination.
  • We prohibit the viewing and/or distribution of obscenity, illegal activities and malicious actions such as sending threatening or harassing materials as per the Canadian Criminal Code.
  • Fax service will not take prcedence over other patron quesitons:  faxes will be sent only if staff time permits.