New & Upcoming Non-Fiction

 Author Title
Allen, Sandra A Kind of Mirraculas Paradise
Atkinson, Diane Rise Up, Women!
Crosley, Sloan Look Alive Out There
Edemariam, Aida The Wife's Tale
Ehrenreich, Barbara Natural Causes
Fernholz, Tim  Rocket Billionaires
Flanders, Cait  The Year of Less
Itzkoff, Dave  Robin
Jamison, Leslie  The Recovering
Kaplan, Robert D  The Return of Marco Polo's World
Kaufman, Amy  Bachelor Nation
Kilmartin, Laurie Dead People Suck
Lloyd Webber, Andrew Unmasked
Mailhot, Terese Marie Heart Berries
Mann, Charles C The Wizard and the Prophet
Moore, Lorrie See What Can Be Done
Morton, Andrew Meghan
Patterson, James All American Murder
Robinson, Marilynne What Are We Doing Here?
Samuel, Julia Grief Works
Sedaris, David Calypso
Smith, Zadie Feel Free
Taleb, Nassim Nicholas Skin in the Game
Winchester, Simon The Perfectionists