New & Upcoming Non-Fiction

Author Title
Christie, Charmian The 3-Ingredient Baking Book
Doolittle, Robyn Had It Coming:  What's Fair in the Age of #Me Too?
Forleo, Marie Everything is Figureoutable
Gildiner, Catherine Good Morning, Monster:  Five Heroic Journeys to Recovery
Gladwell, Malcolm Talking to Strangers
Concalves, Nikole The Health Nut Cookbook
Graff, Garrett M. The Only Plane in the Sky:  An Oral History of 9/11
Gray, Charlotte Murdered Midas
Greene, Graham Graham Greene:  The Last Interview:  And Other Conversations
Horowitz, Alexandra Our Dogs, Ourselves:  The Story of a Singular Bond
Kantor, Jodi & Megan Twohey She Said:  Breaking the Harassment Story that helped Ignite a Movement
Klein, Naomi On Fire:  The Burning Case for a Green New Deal
McDiarmid, Jessica Highway of Tears
McGoogan, Ken Flight of the Highlanders:  The Making of Canada
McKay, Ami Daughter of Family G.:  A Memoir of Cancer Genes, Love and Fate
Moaveni, Azaheh Guest House for Young Widows:  The Women of ISIS
Moore, Demi Inside Out:  A Memoir
Mosley, Walter The Elements of Fiction:  Meditations on the Structure of Revelation
Rifkin, Jeremy The Green New Deal
Smith, Patti Year of the Monkey
Westhoff, Ben Fentanyl, Inc.