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‘We would like to acknowledge that the City of Thunder Bay resides in the Robinson-Superior Treaty and has been built on the traditional lands of the Ojibwa people of Fort William First Nation. We would also like to recognize the contributions made to our community by the Métis people.’  Thunder Bay Public Library

Check out the Canadian Federation of Library Associations Truth & Reconciliation Committee Report and Recommendations
and the Indigenous Resource Centre which they have set up online.
The Thunder Bay Public Library Board has endorsed this report and recommendations.

Visit our Indigenous Culture page for links to language portals and some information on different periods of culture including the Blackduck. There's also an in-depth article on Fall Fasting.

Visit our Indigenous History page for important historical links.

Visit our Indigenous Literature page for links to some of the Adult books we have in our catalogue along with information on First Nations Communities Read and some Indigenous Writing Challenges.

Visit our Indigenous News page for links to First Nations, Inuit, and Metis news outlets.

Visit our Indigenous Organizations page for links to various Indigenous organizations, as well as links to business, government, education, and health organizations that First Nations, Inuit, and Metis may find beneficial.

Visit our Indigenous Recreation page for links to Indigenous music, sports, and video.

If you're looking for information on Indigenous Genealogy, please contact Reference Services at tbpl%23ca|reference.

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Indigenous Advisory Group

If you're looking for information on the Indigenous Advisory Group, please contact Robyn L. Medicine, Indigenous Liaison, at tbpl%23ca|rmedicine or call 807-355-4594.